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2016 / collection: Rees


Exhibition 'Hidden bodies in silent sceneries' at the JIWU Art Space - Nanjing, China

October 7 - November 6, 2016

Adriaan Rees

An acrobat in a circus is a traveler, going from place to place. Not a steady home but always on the move. After showing the Acrobat in The Netherlands, I tried to find options to put the Acrobat on tour. I showed it at different locations and settings in Germany and Belgium and finally I got the opportunity to show it in the country where I made it, in China. For China I choose for a yellow acrobat and a red background, revering to the red Chinese flag and the yellow stars. I was able to make these installations in Nanjing at JIWU Art Space in their courtyard (2016) and inside in ArtCN gallery in Shanghai (2017).


Exhibition 'Hidden sceneries, floating memories' at the ArtCN Gallery - Shanghai, China

April 14 - May 21, 2017

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