C-Space - Beijing, China

October 31, 2009 - February 21, 2010


The artist is specialized in producing monumental ceramic sculptures and has already a long relationship with China since the year 2000. In 2004 he initiated the collective project FOUR STEP SNAKE where he, together with Chinese artists Wan Liya and Chen Guanghui and the Dutch artists Hans van Bentem, have explored new ideas and possibilities in porcelain, working from a new permanent studio in Jingdezhen, the city where already in the 17th Century the Dutch trading merchants from the VOC came to buy this precious material. For this show at C-Space Beijing he has produced a series of new works reflecting his fascination for China in combination with his own personal experiences and stories.


The main works are the new bronze life size sculpture Screaming in a Bucket; the big stone sculpture Carry me and the 12 meters long porcelain installation This is my Land. This installation is about his fascination for China and especially the mountain sites he likes to explore. Nevertheless, this is just the outside of the work: the mountains are cut in 39 pieces and at every flat part you can find hand painted Dutch landscapes in every season in the year, starting from winter to spring and autumn to winter again. This makes the work like a life line and a very personal piece about his life, experiences and intense feelings where he stands today.

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