Art Amsterdam / Galerie Maria Chailloux - Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Hochzeit was an installation at the Art Amsterdam 2010 for gallery Maria Chailloux.

Concept and realization by Adriaan Rees and Gijs Frieling, with embroidery made by Titia Frieling (Gijs his mother). Plaster landscapes with porcelain vase and sculptures, wall paintings and small paintings on glass and small embroideries. An installation about marriage.


From the very beginning at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Gijs Frieling and me studied and worked together. One of my first shows as an beginning artist was also with him. We found each other during a seminar about Joseph Beuys. Working with Gijs felt for me always as a time full of hope, joy and bringing art at a higher level. Never in competition, more as a natural growing element in life. Something to be very proud of. Hochzeit (marriage) is such a common thing and also so complex and it can also be seen as a metaphor for…… In 2010, when we made this piece, my fist marriage ended several years before and in a way the days felt more like the darkest nights. At the other hand, it was the year I took to chance to start my second marriage.

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