ArtCN Gallery - Shanghai, China

April 14 - May 21, 2017


My first show at ArtCN was in 2017. At that time the gallery was situated in a typical 19th century Shanghai warehouse at the riverside. In the middle of the gallery, from the front door to the end of the space I made a 12 meter long line with the mountain range This is my Land II, the so-called China/China version. This time I showed 32 mountains in different seasons of the year, starting with Spring (the Chinese New Year) to Summer, Autumn and Winter. On the flat parts of each mountain there are painted images taken from Daoism: Holy mountains and Caves. This presentation was not the full version but an impressive selection of 32 out of 55 mountains.


Next to This is my Land II, I showed a new version of The Acrobat (Chinese version) especially made to fit in the gallery space. At the walls of the gallery Brigitte Spiegeler showed her photographs, taken in China. Together it was a presentation during the Dutch Days Shanghai and supported by the Netherlands Consulate in Shanghai

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