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Father and Son, 2007

glass, silver, each 37x25x27 cm


Experimenting since the Rietveld Academy, I have almost a love-hate relationship with the material. For my sculptures I go to the Tsjech Republic where I can work with craftsmen who understand my ideas and have the great skill to realize them.

glass, coloured, 27x25x23 cm

Chinese landscape with moon, 2007

The butterfly conversation, 2006

glass, silver, 46x33x35 cm

The story of the lady and the red butterfly, 2006

Samurai singing the blue butterfly, 2006

glass, silver and coloured, 52x28x30 cm

glass, silver and coloured, 57x30x25 cm

Storm, 2006

Hanging Storm, 2006

glass, silver

glass, silver, steel, 79x21x21 cm

Hanging Blue Storm I, 2012

Dutch Storm II, 2006

Dutch Storm, 2006

glass, coloured, steel

glass, coloured, steel, 75x21x25 cm

glass, coloured, steel

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