W139 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

January 20 - February 25, 2007


The independent art space W139 was fully renovated in 2006. For the grand re-opening show Colored 6 artists were invited to make new works in the space. All artists were more or less painters. I was asked to make 3 dimensional works that was connected to the space, especially the lower parts of the walls and floor.


The idea was that all artists use all of the space in this huge exhibition space and that they would try to connect with each other. For this exhibition I came up with the idea to use plaster to express myself. The material is highly connected with the interior (plaster walls) and in that way my forms could be really part of the space, strange growing things on the walls or the floor or even handy and useful forms like benches.


For more than a month I worked with a team, sometimes 10 people, to get the job done. The works itself were partly painted white (wall color), green (floor color) or in the colors other artists used for their wall paintings. Rob Birza made two gigantic Indian Figures on a wall and asked me to make the legs 3 dimensional. It was for me one of the best results of collaboration in the exhibition.

For more info see: article on website of W139 [Dutch].

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